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We present to you through this catalogue, the complete range of semi-Automatic machinery & equipments for producing Drum-Barrel & Buckets in various ranges for packing Edible Oil, Paint, Chemical, Perto-Chemical and Petroleum Products.

The importance of our machines rest on the modern and functional design based on many years of development, finest workmanship backed by a team of first class craftsman.

Today the firm is a leader in sheet Metal machinery, which covers a range of not only Drum-Barrel & Buckets plants but also Tin-plate container manufacturing machinery plant. The firm exports to the sophisticated world market, proof of top quality & superior craftsmanship.

Product Categories

1.  Circle Cutting Machine

2. Power Press And Dies (Top and Bottom)

3. Semi Automatic End Seaming Machine. (For Drums & Barrels)

4. Shearing Machine

5. Double Edge Grinding Machine

6. Round Rolling Machine

7. Spot Welding

8. Side Seam Welding Machine

9. Bead Expander (Hydraulic Type)

10. Corrugation Machines (Rotary Type)

11. Flanging Machine (Rotary Type)

12. Double Ended Flanging Machine (Hydraulic)


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