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Pressure Screen


  • It does an excellent job of final stock cleaning single cylinder and construction. Permits easy inspection and maintenance. The hydra foil bass can be easily adjusted. Non-contacting air foil bass continuously sweep the inner surface of screen creating a pulsating action which increases efficiency of cleaning. Prevents plugging and effects uniform fibre dispersion
    Major benefits of Pressure Screen. Ahead of the Paper Machine.
  • It does an excellent job of final stock cleanup, removing, pins, scale, shives and other unwanted material from the stock.
  • Deflocculates fibre bundles in the stock improves formation on the wire.
  • Increases Production there are fewer breaks because stock lumps and slime sluges are eliminated.
  • Protects against felt and wire damage cause by foreign objects.
  • Relieves foaming conditions.
  • Plus many others.








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